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Portable Refrigerators & Coolers
Chilly Moose coolers are portable 12V/24V/110V refrigerator/freezer designed for reliable refrigeration on the go.
This lightweight portable cooler is operated by a high-quality compressor and can be plugged into the 12V DC lighter socket inside any vehicle or a 24V battery source. An AC adapter is included with the unit for alternate use in a 110V electrical wall outlet. The resilient plastic exterior is equipped with sturdy side handles for easy carrying. 
Chilly Moose coolers can be set at refrigerator or freezer temperatures with the capability to reach -18º C. A digital thermostat with an external LED thermometer display allows easy temperature control without requiring users to open the lid. Inside Chilly Moose coolers you will find durable hammered aluminium interior as well as LED lighting.
With a conveniently versatile design and reliable storage conditions, Chilly Moose Coolers are ideal for applications that require easy transportation of cold items, such as collecting samples or administering vaccines at an off-site location.